WebConference Netherlands Day: Innovate or Die: Recruiting & Employer Branding

WebConference Netherlands Day: Innovate or Die: Recruiting & Employer Branding

on August 3, 2017

See the WebCo here https://youtu.be/Ift6V5rEqaA (permitted content only)



After numerous WebConferences for the DACH region, on August 3, 2017, HRM LEADS put on its first English-language WebConference focused on the Dutch market, but of interest to an international audience.

The summer Webco “Recruiting & Employer Branding” attracted 98 registrations from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the U.K. Registrants roles were varied, from HR staff, HR service providers, and HR Leadership/Management, to a small part of others who represented specialized departments that aren’t HR.


The program included two presentations, each followed by a round of questions:

The first presenter, representing Textkernel, was Mr. Marcel Wijngaard, who is Textkernel’s account manager and who brings many years of practical experience into big data management and its use to make HR’s work more efficient and more effective. His presentation, “How Big Data in the Labor Market Can Work for You,” illustrated how to use one of Textkernel’s tools, Jobfeed, to extract relevant data from a wealth of available information all around the web. Mr. Wijngaard showed us a demo of how one could benefit from some of Jobfeed’s various features, as he pointed out how this could affect a recruiter’s time spent on searches and ultimately, the company’s ROI.


The next presenter, Mr. Gary Schoeniger, is CEO and founder of ELI – the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative. His many years of research helped to back the development of various programs for entrepreneurial mindset education training and professional development programs. His presentation, entitled “Creating Entrepreneurial Culture” focused on the hidden mechanisms that unlock human potential. Citing shocking statistics about employee engagement, or better said lack thereof, Mr. Schoeniger broke down the requirements for encouraging entrepreneurial behavior. Equipped with this information, the audience got a tool set to use as they work on increasing employee engagement and strengthen employer branding.


This concluded the program of this WebCo. While this was a shortened summer program, we are looking ahead at our next Dutch WebCo in November, which will be a full-length event. Full-length WebConferences feature 6-8 speakers, large audiences, and a podium discussion during which speakers can exchange ideas. Of course, audiences from all around the world are welcome – although the focus is the Dutch market, many ideas shared are applicable in other markets as well.


If November is too far for you wait for our next WebConference, please check out all of our events at bit.ly/WebCos to stay informed about events and trends in the HR world.


See you at the next event!



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